The Electricity and Natural Gas market today has become particularly complex, resulting in many hotels failing to secure the best possible energy purchase price. 
EnergyTelia specializes in the energy and gas market, working with dedication on behalf of its customers, reducing the cost of energy supply and increasing profits.

Our efficient and efficient service for power supply consists of five key steps:
1. Hotel Energy Data Assessment: Our energy consultants study your previous invoices and existing contracts with energy providers, identify the most attractive and cost-effective options on the market, and organize the strategy to reach the target.

2. Request for tenders or reverse auctions: We inform you of your request and we invite qualified and pre-rated suppliers of gas and electricity. The excellent scientific training of our associates, our experience and the use of sophisticated IT tools guarantee the maximization of your profits.

3. Recommendation - Proposal: We gather, analyze, evaluate, compare energy offers and suggest the best choice. EnergyTelia will give you instructions and final suggestions and you will know how much money you earn from the proposed option.

4. Contract Negotiation: We negotiate the most favorable terms for you and facilitate you to sign the energy contract.

5. Continued Support: We continue to explore additional ways to reduce your energy bills for your business. We keep an eye on the market, we find the opportunities for a lower energy purchase price, and energyTelia energy consultants inform you and take the necessary steps to take advantage of the opportunity.

Many energy providers and vendors claim they can save you money, although sometimes there may be savings, you will never really know how much money you could save. Only when you work with energyTelia you will always enjoy the best energy supply contract and you will get the most benefits.
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